Recopilación de frases típicas españolas traducidas directamente al inglés.

-” To live from the tale”

– “Another rooster would sing…”

– “… is not for throwing rockets.”

– “Touch yourself the eggs”

-“What a fabric…”

– “By the hairs.”

– “Never say: From this water I won’t drink.”

– “Bigger towers have fallen…”

– “If it musts that go, it goes. But to go for nothing is dumbness.”

– “It’s finished what it was given.”

– “Truths like fists…”

-“Made dust”… “But what a made dust”

– “Hand of saint”

-“For peeing and not to throw a drop”

-“Where there is shipmaster, sailor doesn’t commands.”

-“…and here peace and afterwards glory.”

-“You’ve got three days with the day after tomorrow”

– “Less hair than a pint of wine”

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